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Parlami d'Amore: Photos from Spectre, Story of Lonely Souls
April 17, 2019
Dancers Dane Holland & Tetyana Martyanova in Spectres, Story of Lonely Souls

Presented for the first time at the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur in 2017, Spectre by choreographer Marwik Schmitt will be revisited in Parlami d'Amore,. Created at first for four dancers, the choreography will now be danced by 15 dancers.

Spectre, Story of Lonely Souls is tinged with an atmosphere of tension between the protagonists, of the love they bear for one another and for themselves, in a space where “normality” does not exist and where each one imagines being the standard for others. How do we approach those close to us when we are all different but each one believes him- or herself to be the representation of the norm? The piece speaks of the unsteady, flexible, sometimes turbulent relationships of two lovers, of a brother and his sister or a doctor and his patient. And then the question remains of knowing where to find the love we bring to ourselves: how to love ourselves in our own unstable representations as hypersensitive beings, lonely souls as well. Domineering or passive, expressed or unformulated, practical, selfish, incomprehensible, even horrifying, love is nothing if not ingenuous.

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