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The Montreal of Raphaël Bouchard
April 24, 2019
Soloist Raphaël Bouchard

Born in Baie-Saint-Paul in Charlevoix, soloist Raphaël Bouchard danced for ten years with the Ballets de Monte Carlo and then two years at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle before coming back to settle in Montreal with Les Grands Ballets. Brother of the Olympic diver Maxim Bouchard, Raphaël trained as a diver himself before belatedly discovering dance at the age of sixteen. So it’s no surprise that the gifted athlete now gives classes to divers on the Canadian Olympic team and that the Olympic Pool heads the list of his favorite places in town.

Le Parc Laurier

Corner Mentana and Laurier Ave.

I love loafing in Parc Laurier, meeting up with my pals there, grabbing a bite…and doing nothing!

Pizzéria Magpie

16 Maguire St.

“A good feed with friends, for me that’s the perfect evening. We visit a number of restaurants and change the itinerary, but Pizzéria Magpie in Mile-End is a sure bet, and we’re there often.”

La Finca

1067 De Bleury St.

I love coffee! Every café in Montreal has its own identity, and I enjoy discovering them when I’m out for a walk… La Finca is very close to our studios, so it’s a place I go to for coffee, obviously, but also for the unpretentious atmosphere.

La Piscine Olympique

3200 Viau Street

I dived for many years and I give classes to divers. The Olympic Pool for me is a bit like getting back to my roots.

Le Plateau

An evening devoted to Netflix is the peak of vegging out! My couch is where you’ll find me a lot of the time when I’m on vacation, LOL!

Despite his love for Montreal, the soloist returns regularly to Baie-Saint-Paul to see his parents, breathe in the landscape and recharge his batteries. At home.

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