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The Nutcracker in Rehearsal
December 1, 2017
Emily He and Matthew Cluff in rehearsal

Enter Les Grands Ballets' studio and watch our Sugar Plum Fairies and their Cavaliers rehearse The Nutcracker!

As soon as summer nears its end, the unmistakable music of The Nutcracker can be heard inside our studios. Putting together The Nutcracker ballet each holiday season requires months of preparation, even for our dancers who have taken part in the show for already many years!

Each day, dancers rehearse the many roles they will take on for this year's performances. It is by playing with a number of variables that they come to completely master their craft. A dance partner in rehearsal today may not be the same one tomorrow, or even the same one when the show is eventually on stage! If a bit of choreography feels comfortable in warm-up clothes, it's time to try it with a tutu! Every day comes with its unique challenges and no two days are ever the same.

Stabat MATER in Rehearsal
September 7, 2017
Emily He and Ryo Shimizu in rehearsal for Stabat MATER