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What's in a dancer's bag: Sahra Maira
April 23, 2018
Dancer Sahra Maira in a tutu

Toronto native demi-soloist Sahra Maira has been dancing with Les Grands Ballets for 8 seasons! Here she gives us a peek at all the essentials products in her ballerina bag.

Dancer Sahra Maira's bag

(From top, left to right)

  1. Skin colour Pointe shoes, Grishko Elite size 3 1/2 XX - I like to wear really soft Pointe shoes for class to work through my feet and to feel grounded.
  2. Theraband for exercises.
  3. Soft shoes for barre and jumps.
  4. Lakota muscle cream, for my many aches and pains.
  5. Large massage ball for IT band massaging.
  6. Ear phones.
  7. Self-adhesive toe tape.
  8. Shoe scraper. Since we can't use rosin on our shoes, I scrape the bottom to give some traction to the shoe in case I find the floor slippery!
  9. Gum, because banana and coffee breath are not so nice.
  10. Hair pins for bun making.
  11. Foot roller to massage my arches and stretch my calves.
  12. Water bottle for hydration.
  13. Sewing kit, equipped with extra toe spacers, pen and kinesio tape.
  14. Pink pointe shoes that I am molding to my feet. I like to break in my pointe shoes during barre.
  15. Small massage ball to roll out smaller muscles and the balls of my feet.
The 2017-2018 Season as Seen by Anya, Demi-Soloist
By Anya Nesvitaylo
April 23, 2018
Ballerina Anya Nesvitaylo, Les Grands Ballets' dancer