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What's in a dancer's bag?
May 7, 2018

Our first soloist Hervé Courtain, who trained at the Opéra national de Paris and has been dancing with Les Grands Ballets since 2004, shares all the essential products he keeps in his dance bag.

Dancer Hervé Courtain's bag

(From top, left to right)

  1. Jump rope: To warm up and work on my breathing.
  2. Green resistance band: To work my buttocks.
  3. Knee pad: Our costume workshop made it specifically for me so that I can wear it under any pants. It’s very thin therefore barely visible.
  4. My GB water bottle: Always with me!
  5. Waistband: I have a few, to adjust my dance outfits.
  6. Self-warming lotion: I use it mostly in the winter to get my articulations going faster.
  7. Foot pad: Made to help with plantar fasciitis and to support the arch of my feet when we rehearse for long stretches of time.
  8. Toe spacer: To keep the alignment of my big toe, which has a tendency to flip towards the inside of my foot.
  9. Massage cup: For my thighs and quadriceps.
  10. Small ball: To massage my back.
  11. Thera-Band : To work on the foot's articulations in depth.
  12. My earbuds: A must-have!
  13. Wood roller: to massage the arches of my feet.
Alicia Alonso
May 7, 2018
Portrait of the choreographer Alicia Alonso