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14 Questions for Dancer Maude Sabourin
September 4, 2018
Maude Sabourin in ballet Numéro 19 by Julien Guerin

Originally from Terrebonne, Quebec, Maude Sabourin is new to Les Grands Ballets this season. We love welcoming more local talent among our ranks, and for her it is a dream to dance as part of her hometown company! Get to know Maude better through these 14 questions:

  1. Describe yourself in one or two sentences?
    My name is Maude, and I’m coming back to Montreal after 12 years in Europe. I am very happy to be coming home and to be part of this vibrant and dynamic artistic community.

  2. What inspires you in your daily life?
    The things that inspire me in my day-to-day life depend on my mood. They range from music and old films to singers, paintings and photos. It depends what moves me on that particular day.

  3. Are there any choreographer(s) you dream of working with?
    I have had the good fortune to make those dreams come true with many choreographers since I started my career. What interests me most is to create a strong connection with the choreographer, no matter who it is. That’s the real dream that comes true!

  4. What dance show has left the biggest mark on you, and why?
    Hans Was Heiri, by Zimmermann and Perrot. It was a surprising performance! The artists were so versatile. Dancing, acting, singing, the sets … everything was perfectly done! The artists were clearly really committed to the performance, and I was transfixed.

  5. What do you like most about dancing?
    What I like most is the people you meet. The connections you make are very strong and quite unique.

  6. If you could have had another career, what would it be?
    That’s a very good question! When I was little I wanted to be a princess or a ballerina, so it wasn’t a hard choice! But joke aside, my goal has always been to dance and so the question never really came up.

  7. What is your dream role?
    I don’t have a dream role. I like to research a role, whatever it may be.

  8. What show are you most eager to do this season, and why?
    I have to admit that it’s The Nutcracker! It’s the first ballet that my mom ever took me to see, and it’s the one that made me want to be a dancer. Today I am delighted to be able to share that dream with other people.

  9. What is your favourite quote or saying?
    “You have to learn to let yourself be touched by beauty, by a gesture or hint of inspiration, not just by what is said, in whatever language. You have to perceive independently of everything you ‘know.’ – Pina Bausch

  10. What is your favourite spot in Montreal or Quebec, and why?
    My favourite spot in Montreal is Quai de l’horloge because that’s where my husband asked me to marry him!

  11. What makes you smile?
    Seeing an elderly couple who still love each other as much as they did on day one.

  12. What are you currently listening to or watching (music, TV series, etc.)?
    Right now I’m watching the series GLOW and I’m listening to Dear Criminals.

  13. What’s your weakness?
    Watermelon!!!!! I just love it!

  14. Name a role or part that you have danced and that you still love.
    I have lots of them! Every role is like a little love story. It’s impossible to choose!

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Costume Designer, Bregje van Balen
September 4, 2018