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Production Team
April 29, 2019

Production Director: Stéphan Pépin
Les Grands Ballets Technical Director: Jean-François Tremblay
Wilder Building Technical Director: Thomas Paquin
Technical and Production Coordinator: Gabrielle Lemoine-Brin
Stage Manager: Tanya Pettigrew
Resident Lighting Designer: Marc Parent
Resident Sound Designer and Sound Engineer: Raymond Soly
Head Stage Carpenter: Kenneth Gregg
Head of Accessories: Pierre Berthiaume
Head Lighting Technician: Patrick Carrière
Assistant to Head Lighting Technician: Dominic Drouin
Head of Costumes: Denise Morin

Head of Wardrobe: Mélanie Ferrero
Assistant to Head of Wardrobe: Stéf-Anne Lagacé
Interim Assistant to Head of Wardrobe: Geneviève Fortin
Costumes Project Account Manager: Marie-Hélène Gravel
Clerk, Wardrobe: Marie-Hélène Kleinbaum
Interim Clerk, Wardrobe: Louisanne Lamarre
Senior Advisor, Wardrobe: Mireille Tremblay
Principal Cutter: Caroline Boisvert
First Assistant Cutter: Kéli Alexandre
Assistant Cutter: Camille Panin
Sewers: Barbara Cerbo, Viky Brouillard, Cecilia Meza, Steve Fortin, Natalie Talbot, Sonia Létourneau, Coline Bruniaux, Haude Guyarmar’ch, Anabel Caron, Silvana Fernandez, Pamela Masseport
Wardrobe Archives Support: Jade Fortin, Phoebē Folco Millette
Shoe Patina: Caroline Pilon
Scenographic Drawing: Déline Petrone
Set Building: Atelier Ovation Inc.
Accessories: Normand Blais

Technicians and dressers, IATSE Members, local 56 and 863

A Season of Firsts
April 23, 2019
An illustration by artist Amélie Grenier about spring and first times