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Star dancers and starred chef
May 7, 2018
Jérôme Ferrer, Europea's chef
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Any similarity between dance and cuisine? According to Jérôme Ferrer, whose restaurant, Europea, is a sponsor of the Soirée des Étoiles performance on June 9, we find “the same level of rigor, research and creativity in the lives of a chef and of a dancer.” He adds that just like the Soirée des Étoiles, which will bring together dancers from the four corners of the planet, Europea is also a meeting point among cultures, thanks as much to the flavors on the plate as to the staff members recruited in other lands. “What we want is to present the best of what the world has to offer,” states the chef, who takes additional pride in the fact that Europea’s affiliations with Relais & Châteaux and Les Grandes Tables du Monde enables him to draw attention to Québec cuisine internationally.

The comparison between the performing arts and the culinary arts doesn’t stop there, Jérôme Ferrer believes: “At Europea, we try to lend a theatrical aspect to patrons’ dining experience; in fact, in a manner of speaking a performance takes place in front of them every evening.” That theatrical aspect will be all the more prominent in September, when Europea takes over new premises, since “the gastronomy will be partnered with a form of artful staging: patrons will be able to see firsthand what’s going on in the kitchen.” On the menu for this redesigned version of the celebrated Montreal restaurant will be a cocktail lounge, a tearoom, a brunch space, a brasserie and a boutique featuring takeout products. In the chef’s words, “It will be like a temple of gastronomical pleasures that will showcase art, technology and local products.”

Locally farmed and raised products are also featured in the newest member of the Europea family, the prepared-meals delivery service called La Boîte du Chef, launched in Québec last September. “All our dishes are cooked with fresh products, and we favor local growers and breeders,” explains Jérôme Ferrer. He adds that the dishes, vacuum packed and ready to be enjoyed, change every week and follow the seasonal nature of the products. The Soirée des Étoiles on June 9 will be a good opportunity to find out more, since the team will be on hand at Place des Arts to meet the public and hold a draw for one of the Boîtes du Chef: “And we have a little taste treat in store!”

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