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Storie di Mafia
April 23, 2018
The dancers rehearsing the show Vendetta

In Chicago, three Mafia clans—the Carbone, Trassi and Bartoni families—rule over their kingdoms, trafficking in liquor, arms and drugs. Rosalia Carbone, apple-of-the-eye of her father, Godfather Don Carbone, becomes romantically entwined with Stefano Bartoni. When the two families celebrate their wedding, Don Carbone, his consigliere and Don Bartoni sequester themselves in the Godfather’s office. Alessio Bartoni, the groom’s younger brother, is enraged when Don Carbone turns down a request. According to tradition, no Sicilian can refuse a favour on the day his daughter gets married. Alessio kills one of the Carbone sons in revenge, thereby unleashing a long lasting vendetta between the two Italian families. This is the first time Rosalia Carbone is faced by the death of a close family member and, although she despises violence, she is intrigued by its power.

The crime families’ activities—police corruption, racketeering, smuggling, gambling and shooting—continue unabated. The Carbone travel to Las Vegas to do business with a casino manager, but the Bartoni’s follow them and try to make their own deal behind their back. When Massimo Carbone discovers this foul play, he shoots both the casino manager and one of the Bartoni sons in cold blood. Things get out of hand and in the ensuing chaos Don Carbone is hit by five bullets.

Rosalia is enraged that her brothers were not able to protect her beloved father. So begins her ascension in the ranks of the violent and masculine world of the mob.

Vendetta is an invitation to infiltrate the all-powerful underworld of the Mafia, through the eyes of a woman standing at the forefront of a changing society…

Once Upon a Time there was... Cinderella
April 1, 2018
The Prince and Cinderella, performed by two dancers at the National Ballet of Ukraine