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Testing Ground: Barre Workout
February 12, 2018
Barre workout

What is it? Barre Workout, with Christina Cecchini*, is a course that is based on ballet techniques, but also borrows from yoga and Pilates to sculpt your body, improve your posture and tone your muscles.

What is a typical class like? Christina, a real “ballerina of steel”, is a perfect ambassador for her discipline: gracious, gentle and precise, in both her movements and instructions. To the sound of pop music, with the volume just high enough to set a beat without overpowering her voice, Christina gets us to execute a series of movements that awaken and warm up our entire bodies.

Next, she has us working with three accessories: a small ball, resistance bands and a ballet barre.

As minimalist as it might seem, it really puts you to work. You become aware of every little muscle: from your feet to your calves, thighs, glutes, abs, shoulders, back and arms, it feels as if a flame is burning through your entire body! One movement at a time, you push your muscles’ limits, and just when you start to think you can’t do one more rep, you find yourself doing it! Yes, it burns, but it also strengthens and sculpts your muscles with laser precision!

Christina—an “iron fist in a velvet smile”—confirms it: barre work also builds a positive attitude and self-confidence. And since she’s a big believer in variety, she makes sure every class is different. It’s never the same routine from one time to the next so your muscles never know what to expect, which makes for balanced muscular development and keeps your mind and body on constant alert!

It all makes this barre class a complete workout that’s perfect for everyone, no matter what your level. Totally addictive!

*This article was written last February; Christina has since moved to Europe but is replaced at Les STUDIOS by dancer extraordinaire Rachel Santos.

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