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Testing ground: Beginner Ballet
May 7, 2018
Ballet beginner class at Les Grands Ballets' Studios
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What is it?
The Beginner Ballet class introduces students to the basics of classical technique: ballet positions for the feet and arms, barre work, the principal movements like battements, jetés and ronds de jambes, and simple choreographies that give free rein to body and artistic expression.

What is a typical class like?
After a warm-up period at the barre, consisting of a series of small movements that introduce students right off the bat to basic ballet positions, Andrew leads us through a series of pliés, jetés and ronds de jambes, which grows increasingly complex as we assimilate the new positions and postures, finally combining arm and leg movements in tandem. Accompanied on the piano by Karine, whose melodies—a blend of classical and modern music—facilitate retention of the many sequences we learned, we already find ourselves moving better, holding ourselves straighter and becoming more aware of our posture.

As a former soloist with Les Grands Ballets, Andrew is a patient and rigorous teacher. Nothing escapes his eagle eye, and he corrects us gently until our bodies integrate every one of the little details that make classical dance a complete art. His teaching philosophy is simple: to raise students’ body awareness and invite them to discover joy in movement.

Jumps, pirouettes and battements… every position held without missing a beat and every successful movement is a wonder and an invitation to master even more complex enchaînements. We end the session with a few simple choreographies that prove how much we have absorbed, setting us free to focus on the pure joy of dancing.

Mission accomplished!

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