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Victor Lytvynov, Choreographer and Ballet Master
April 1, 2018
Moment on stage during the ballet Cinderella by the National Ballet of Ukraine

Distinguished alumnus of the Kiev State Choreographic School and Ballet Master Faculty of the Leningrad State Conservatory, Victor Lytvynov held the title of soloist for the Kiev Opera and Ballet Theatre, now known as the National Opera of Ukraine, for over twenty years. The course of his time there was marked by a number of leading and emblematic roles, notably Tibalt in Romeo and Juliette by S.Prokofiev, Spartacus in Spartacus by А.Khachaturian, Rothbard in Swan Lake by P.Tchaikovsky, Espado in Don Quixote by L. Mincus, and Escamilio in Carmen Suite by G.Bizet and R.Shchedrin.

Victor Lytvynov is now Ballet Master for the National Opera of Ukraine, where he has produced work by way of various pieces culled from the classical repertoire, including: Don Quixote (L. Mincus), Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker (P. Tchaikovsky), Cinderella (S. Prokofiev), The Firebird (І.Stravinsky), Young Girl and Hooligan (D. Shostakovich), the masterwork of Ukranian choreography Forest Song (M. Skorulsky), and two ballets set to the illustrious music of the great Ukrainian composer I. Stankovych, Evenings on the Farmstead near Dikanka, based on Gogol, and Vikings, inspired by the history of Kievan Russia.

Most recently, Lytvynov produced a ballet entitled Chasing after Two Hares, set to the music of Ukrainian composer Iuriy Shevchenko.

As a choreographer, Lytvynov has also worked with various international ballet companies, leading productions like Spartacus by A. Khachaturian, Don Quixote by L. Minkus, Swan Lake by P.Tchaikovsky in both Serbia and Slovenia, Cinderella by S. Prokofiev in Poland, as well as a number of contemporary ballets on Shevchenko's music such as Poltava’s Cinderella, Zaporozhets and Sultans, In the name of the father, son and ..., and Seasons. His work in Canada is associated with Ukranian dance ensemble Shumka.

April 1, 2018
Stage photo of Cinderella, by the National Ballet of Ukraine