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What's in Anya's tour bag?
March 20, 2019
Dancer Anya Nesvitaylo

Les Grands Ballets will be touring Giselle in Ottawa on April 3! Before every tour, the company ships out tour boxes containing each dancers' essentials so that they have every tool necessary to perform, even if they're away from home! Our soloist Anya shows us her the ultimate on tour ballerina must-haves!

The objects in Anya Nesvitaylo's bag, dancer at Les Grands Ballets
  1. Soft shoes and point shoes. I always have many extra shoes with me in my box to be sure that I'm ready for anything.

  2. A Lyapko applicator needle ball - I use it when my legs are tired to improve the blood circulation in my feet.

  3. A small mirror and extra hair elastics (07) for quick touch ups!

  4. This toe separator is a must-have when you spend hours with your toes squished inside pointes! It always feels good to have something that spreads my toes after a show and give relief to my bunions.

  5. Dancers have to keep themselves warm on stage, you don’t want your muscles to get cold and stiffen up. I chose my favorite warm wrap for this tour.

  6. I always have a picture of my family on my vanity table and I bring them on tour with me. They are my biggest support , my rock and the engine that keeps me going.

  7. Two necessary tools for any performer : deodorant and mouth wash (14) for a quick freshen up.

  8. The shoe scratcher is essential for pointe shoes! The pointes are made of satin, which is pretty but also very slippery! I scratch my pointes before using them, it helps me better feel the floor and not to slip on stage.

  9. I do like to have tools for stretching with me at all times. The elastic band is what I’m bringing with me this time. I also use yoga blocks and leg weights to help me during my warm up.

  10. I always try to find something to inspire me for a show, this is the most important object for me. Sometimes it's a painting, a poem. This time, it's my daughter's book of ballet stories which has Giselle’s story. It is written so purely and is so touching and the drawings are breathtaking ! I can't wait to be in this story : I'll be dancing Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis in Giselle.

  11. My good friend and colleague Maude (@thefitballerina) recommended to have Magnesium and lots of water during show period, it helps a lot to avoid the cramps that we girls usually get due to standing up on our toes for long periods of time during second act of Giselle.

  12. One of my favorite product to help with muscle pain, which is part of a dancer's daily life.

  13. Same as with my pointe shoes : I usually put an extra leotard and tights in my little bag just in case.

  14. Those who know me know that I always have chocolate, lots of chocolate !!

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