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Giving Tutus New Life with The Nutcracker Fund
November 27, 2018
Réfection des costumes du ballet Casse-Noisette

Step inside our workshop and see our costume designers repairing the magnificent costumes of The Nutcracker by Fernand Nault. Melanie Ferrero, Head of Costumes, shares every secret that goes into making and repairing tutus. Each one is a work of art and the result of many hours of precision and experience. The surprising cost of this delicate work is funded, year after year, by The Nutcracker Fund for children, making it possible for this holiday classic to remain a staple of the festive season!

In December, help the magic of The Nutcracker brighten the hearts of those children who need it most. Every year, 2800 sick and disadvantaged children are invited to a free performance of The Nutcracker, presented just for them. Also, 1500 among them took part in different workshops on the theme of this ballet in Les Grands Ballets’ studios with the participation of our dancers.

This video is available in French only.

Costumes are repaired with great care thanks to The Nutcracker Fund
Take a trip to the Land of Snow
November 12, 2018
Dancers Myriam Simon and Chen Sheng in the video advertisement for The Nutcracker 2018