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The Nutcracker Rehearsal with Costumes
December 1, 2017

There are many steps that come before running through the show at the theater with full lights and sets. First, different parts of the choreography are practiced individually, with the company breaking into smaller groups and using all three of our large studios for rehearsals.

About a week before the premiere, the young dancers and children who join the company for The Nutcracker season come to our studios for the first rehearsals with everyone together. After a bit of practice and getting to know each other, we add costumes and gather everyone in our largest studio to run through the choreogrpahy from A to Z, just like if it were on stage.

Only after all these steps do we finally move to the theater, just days before the premiere, to try the show with lights, sets, costumes and music!

Take a peak at the rehearsal process for The Nutcracker as our dancers prepare Act II in costume in our studios.

The Nutcracker in Rehearsal
December 1, 2017
Emily He and Matthew Cluff in rehearsal