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A Word from the Artistic Director, Ivan Cavallari
April 23, 2018

Creation lies at the heart of the mandate adopted by the Grands Ballets. It’s always a privilege to attend the birth of a work, and we’re looking forward with considerable excitement to the premiere of Vendetta, the new creation by Belgian-Colombian choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. This story ballet recounts a flamboyant tale, not without hints of the humor and the festive spirit that are part of the fabric of Italy.

A complex work, imbued both with that humor and with intense feeling, Vendetta is inspired by the world of the mafia. Murders, weddings and burials are on the bill for this grand celebration. Annabelle, a former soloist and a choreographer who scores success after success on the international scene, has succeeded this time in transposing, through body movement, a vision and an inspiration very specific to this show. In other words, this ballet is aligned with the spirit of creation that is perfectly consistent with the programming and the direction of the Grands Ballets.

I take great pleasure in presenting this Annabelle Lopez Ochoa work by inviting you to infiltrate the world of the mafia – in dance, of course!

This video is available in French only.

Ivan Cavallari, artistic director of Les Grands Ballets
Storie di Mafia
23, 2018
The dancers rehearsing the show Vendetta