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The Music of Vendetta
April 23, 2018
Célestin Boutin and Vanesa Garcia in rehearsal

Music licensing: Music Rights Clearance

Jean Laporte et son orchestre
Valse Foraine (Musique de Cirque (mono version) 2:13min

I’ll read you a story (Colleen et les boîtes à musique) 1 :17min

Perez Prado
Patricia (Patricia) 2:20min

Astor Piazzola
Oblivion (Music from Argentina for guitar and bandoneon) 3:34min

Georg Phlipp Telemann
Fantasia No. 1 in B-Flat Major, TWV, I, Largo (12 Fantasies for solo Viola, Ori Kam)

Georg Philipp Telemann
Telemann – Twelve Fantasies for solo Violin: Fantasia 1 in B-flat Major, TWV (Rachel Podger Baroque Violin, 2006)

Mulberry Street
Tarantella (Italian Dinner party music, 2008) 2:56min

Léo Daniderff
Titine (Nino Rota: Musique de Cirque, 2001) 1 :28min

Cliff Martinez
Never Read Him (The Nick bande sonore / soundtrack, 2014) 2:33min
Placental Repair (The Nick bande sonore / soundtrack, 2014) 2:29min

Eleni Karaindrou
Stanley’s Arrival (The Birthday Party / Music for the Theatre, 2010) 1:11min

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
The Five Joyful Mysteries. Sonata 5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple: Praeludium
(Biber: The Rosary Sonatas, 2005) 2:58min

Hugues Le Bars
Sur Mesure (Musique pour Versailles, 2009) 3:09min
Secret Jardin (Musique pour Versailles, 2009) 0:45min
Arithme (Zinzin, 2002) 1:24min
Tonino Versace (J’en ai marre partie 1 / Part 1, 2009) 4:17min

Atra Aeterna
Emergence (Machinations, 2011) 1:25min, by arrangement with Zachary Mitchell, publisher and copyright owner.

Elizabeth Bay (Abandoned City, 2014) 5:40min, By arrangement with G. Schirmer, INC. publisher and copyright owner.

Out of Touch (The way people are, 2014) 2:42min
An idea of Homes (The way people are, 2014) 1:22min

Fred Buscaglione
Eri Piccola Cosi (Spara!!!, 2013) 2:54min
Che Bambola (Il Favoloso Fred Buscaglione, 1987) 2:27min

Henry Mancini (avec / with Fred Steiner, Joseph Gershenson & Russ Garcia)
Reflection (Jazz on film noir, 2011) 3:02min
Touch of Evil (Touch of Evil original motion picture bande sonore / soundtrack 1998) 3:31min

Terrence Blanchard
Background for murder (Jazz on Film: Film Noir, 2013) 3:00min
Godfather (Film Noir!, 2013) 2:24

Banda Ionica
Marcia Funebre (Passione, 1998) 2:53min
Pianto Eterno (Passione, 1998) 5 :43min

Bach: Tina Guo, Joseph Meyer, Daniel Rosenboom
Bach Suite Trumpet (Beginners bande sonore / original soundtrack, 2012) 2:42min

Cecilia Bartoli & Sinfonietta de Montréal & Charles Dutoit & June Anderson
Stabat Mater, VI Vidit suum dulcem Natum (Scarlatti : Salve Regina – Pergolesi, 1993) 3 :36min

Carlo Buti
Violin Tzigano (Firenze Sogna, 1990) 1:41min

Peter Salem
(composed exclusively for Vendetta, Storie Di Mafia):
SFX21 Train
Ominous Sound of Murder
SFX21 Train 2
Transition Night
Casino Deal
Don Corleone has been shot
Labor Panic
Police Deal with Vincenzo
Knives Ladies
Sunday Afternoon
Sc4a Old - No track

By arrangement with Peter Salem, composer and copyright owner.

Domenico Modugno
Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare), (Nel blu dipinto di blu)

Xavier Charles, Ivar Grydeland, Christian Wallumrod, Ingar Zach
Le Détachement (Dans les Arbres, 2008) 1 :00min

Rehearsing Vendetta
23, 2018